HA Swansea Trips 2018

This year, we had two fantastic trips organised by our HA Swansea Committee members.
Everything went very well, including lunches and coffee/comfort stops en route. The guides were super and very informative. The weather for both trips was perfect.
Also included in the Berkeley day was a visit to the Jenner Museum and a most enlightening talk by its curator on inoculation and vaccination. There was an emphasis on Berkeley’s Medieval past, and of course, on its most famous prisoner, Edward II and how he met his gruesome end!
Madresfield Court is famed as an Arts and Craft House and a centre of High Church Victorian Anglo-Catholicism. Its stupendous Chapel was certainly an unforgettable highlight.
Both of our trips were very well attended. There is certainly much interest in these types of Trips amongst our members and they are also our way of saying thank you to the classes for their support and the interest that is generated.
On a final note:
Thank you to all our members who attended, and also have shown us amazing commitment by attending our classes, and their continued interest and support throughout the year.

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