Guest post from Gorffennol

Gorffennol is the History department journal at Swansea University. 

Gorffennol is Welsh for ‘past’, and like the department, it covers medieval, early modern and modern history. It began life five years ago, under the old Department of History and Classics. In 2017, Gorffennol was relaunched by the Department of History with an attractive new layout and brand new content.

Gorffennol publishes first-class undergraduate essays as well as postgraduate articles specifically written for the journal. It reflects the diverse research interests of the University’s students and staff. The latest issue features articles on the Vikings, Swansea Town and Gown, Smugglers, Nixon, medieval apprentices, plus much more.

For the first time, we are proud to feature a guest article by Kiri Kolt, a PhD student at Aberystwyth, on her research into Hungarian origin myths.

Issue Five (May 2017) can be read by clicking here.

The latest issue has reached 751 reads since being released on the 25 May 2017 and this continues to increase. It has been read on six out of seven continents, including across the UK and Ireland, the US and Canada, various European and EU countries, New Zealand, Japan, Benin, and Brazil.

Gorffennol is led by Dr Charlie Rozier, Lecturer, medieval historian and Employability Officer, in collaboration with Chief Editor, Stephanie Brown, a graduate of History and Medieval Studies, who is going on to study for an MA in Medieval Studies this upcoming academic year.

Charlie and Stephanie have a great team of student volunteers working on the journal. All students edited at least two articles and each student performed different and specialised roles.

The Communications Officers were Benjamin Jennings, Adam Fletcher, and Amy Megson. Amy also took on the role of Web Design. The Photography Editors were Becky Burgoyne and Lili Thompson took pictures and edited them to go alongside the articles. Then the PR officers were Lauren Kent and Liam McDonald, who promoted the journal and managed its social media. Finally, Harry Cochrane took on the enormous role of Art Editor. Harry designed a new logo and was solely responsible for the attractive layout of the journal.

You can find out more about the 2016-2017 team on Gorffennol’s website.

To stay up to date with Gorffennol, you can follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook page.

By Lauren Kent, Third-Year History Student and PR Officer for Gorffennol 


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