May Talk: Dr Richard Price

Dr Richard Price 1723-1791 ‘Liberty’s Apostle and Champion of Change’

This month’s lecture was given by Paul Frame, Honorary Fellow of Celtic and Welsh Studies at Aberystwyth University, Author and  Secretary of the Richard Price Society.

Born in Llangeinor, educated in Carmarthen and Talgarth, Richard Price trained as a Dissenting Minister and became a Preacher in Newington Green, London. A polymath, he studied Maths ,Astronomy, Philosophy and demographics. He developed the Law of Probability and Life Assurance Tables and was employed by Equitable Life. His main claim to fame is as a champion of Civil Liberties and a supporter of the American and French Revolutions.

He wrote over 40 works and his friends and correspondents included leading figures of the day such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Priestly, John Howard and Mary Wollstonecraft. In 1779 he was invited to America by Congress .He received several honours and together with George Washington was awarded a doctorate from Yale University in 1781


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