16th May – The Gordon Batho Memorial Lecture: St Cuthbert’s Legacy – Anglo-Norman Durham

A Swansea lecturer spreading history through the UK via The Historical Association.

Durham Branch of the Historical Association

St Cuthbert’s Legacy – Anglo-Norman Durham

Dr Charlie Rozier (Department of History, Swansea University)

In 1083, the new Norman Bishop of Durham, William of Saint-Calais, removed the community of secular priests who then cared for St Cuthbert’s cult, and replaced them with a body of Benedictine monks. Our main source for this reform is Symeon of Durham’s early twelfth-century history of the Durham church. Symeon’s treatment of this reform was clever and subtle: characterising the monastic reform as a return to the original purity of the church as it had existed on Lindisfarne during the time of St Cuthbert, and at the same time pleasing both native Anglo-Saxon sympathies and new, Norman visions.

In this talk, I aim to trace the history of St Cuthbert’s cult and community through successive generations from seventh-century Lindisfarne to early twelfth-century Durham. My talk will explore the historical works that were produced by these…

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